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Brand Concept

Protect the Earth

by Olivia Mark 18 Aug 2022

Olivia Mark is a sustainability-conscious brand that values the environment and prioritizes it over everything else. With a sole focus on an environment-friendly approach to making clothes and bags, we are always looking for innovative ways to source, manage waste during manufacturing, and promote our brand.
Our team aims to strive towards a more environment-friendly system of manufacturing that does not put an extreme load on our beautiful planet.

There is no time to beat around the bush when it comes to taking rapid and frequent steps to change how the fashion industry functions. Re-evaluating our priorities and taking these steps towards building a 100% eco-friendly brand is the need of the hour.

Here are a few humble attempts that we believe are important while we are working with our manufacturers and vendors:

A sustainable manufacturing process

Ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process is critical while we are assessing our vendors.

We choose those who use less resource-intensive production processes. Every component contributing to our carbon footprint is diligently calculated, be it on the factory floor with the equipment and machines or the machine automation level that is equipped inside the factory.

Among many other things, water usage during manufacturing is something we pay close attention to. The fashion industry is infamous for excessive use of water. We strive toward reducing water consumption.

Waste management

The fashion industry is notorious for its waste management strategies. The sector is recorded to dump 2.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the environment yearly. Most clothes you wear come from plastic manufactured from resources like fossil fuels. Responsible waste management is necessary to bring things under control and reduce the depletion of Earth’s fossil fuels.

Using recycling materials, manufacturing durable clothes that last longer, thrifting clothes, and wearing second-hand ones are great ways to handle the waste in the fashion industry.

Our commitment to environmental protection & Donations

From the very inception of the company, our goals have been clear, and a plan of action is in place to ensure complete environmental protection. We are committed to using environment-friendly materials to make all goods, moving beyond carbon neutrality towards being climate positive.

Our founder team has been making recurring donations to various communities and charities for animal protection as well as environmental protection. Time is of the essence. We strongly hope the contributions we made can make difference from day one. We closely track each of our donation attributions to make sure they are used for the correct cause.

At Oliva Mark, it is not only a brand with choice, it is a brand with attitude.

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